PYH Guide for Team Managers

Thank you for volunteering to be the Manager of an PYH hockey team. You are a proud few that help represent one of the largest town hockey programs in the state. It is the work that you do that helps each team have a safe, organized, and successful year. The details below are the basic requirements of and duties as an PYH Team Manager.

A. Registration Requirements

• Register on the PYH website as a Team Manager. Once you are registered for an PYH hockey team, you will have access to your team’s roster and the ability to send team emails through the website.

B. Areas of Responsibility

1.  Roster Labels - Each league game requires three roster labels (home team, away team, and league copy) that include the coaches and all of the players' names and jersey numbers. At the start of the season, create your team’s roster labels and print copies as needed for the coaching staff to use on game sheets. The stickers are formatted to print on Avery Labels 8163. Here is a link to a template to which you can add your team's roster and print out in advance of games.

2. Tournaments  One of the season highlights for many hockey teams are tournaments. Here are some steps to take to help plan a successful tournament:

• First, speak with your coaches and parents to determine if there is interest in attending an away tournament. The earlier you start this process, the better, as many popular tournaments fill up quickly.

• A list of sanctioned hockey tournaments in Massachusetts can be found on the Mass Hockey website.


• Once you have selected a tournament and registered, you can work to secure a room block at a local hotel and share important registration information with your families.

• As soon as you know your team is participating in a tournament, in order that your team not be scheduled for a game or practice while you are away, e-mail dates to:

-PYH Ice Director
-PYH Valley Hockey League Rep (if your team plays in the Valley Hockey League) and/or Girls Director (if your team plays in the Middlesex Yankee League.)

3. States

The PYH League Director will register all teams who are interested in participating and will automatically register the top three teams in each age group.

Although State Tournament games usually take place in March (a playdown game may be required earlier in the season), your team will need to decide whether they will participate by mid-October, when registrations are due.

All players and coaches must be in compliance with USA Hockey and Mass Hockey requirements to participate in a State Tournament.

4. VHL Player Registration

Players on teams that play in the Valley Hockey League (VHL) are required to register with the VHL in addition to USA Hockey and PYH. The PYH VHL representative will send out information on how to register with the VHL at the beginning of each season. Please pass this information along to your team. If you or anyone on your team has questions about this registration, please contact PYH's VHL rep. Players not registered with the VHL will not be eligible for post-season play.

5. Cancelling and Rescheduling a Game

Teams should avoid canceling games but it is sometimes necessary. There are different procedures

for canceling a Valley Hockey League game and a Middlesex Yankee Conference game. 

As soon as you know your team will need to reschedule or cancel a league game, please contact:

-PYH Ice Director
-PYH Valley Hockey League Rep (if your team plays in the Valley Hockey League) and/or Girls Director (if your team plays in the Middlesex Yankee League.)

6. Binders – It may be helpful to create a team binder if you need to keep any of the following pieces of


• For tournaments, you may need a USA Hockey Roster, copies of each coach's CEP certification and SafeSport certification, and potentially copies of each player's birth certificate.  Check with the tournament organizers to determine what is required.

• Past game sheets for league record. They may be needed to prove a player has played on your team enough times to be eligible to participate in the State Tournament and/or league finals. Alternately, your coach may keep the game sheets.  

C. The Fun Stuff

1. Social Media

Please send updates, videos, photos and news about your team to PYH's Social Media Director. We want to showcase our real stars - our players!

2. Team Get Togethers

In the past, teams have planned formal or informal gatherings - at the start of the season, around the holidays or an end of year break up team party. These can be hosted by team parents or at a local restaurant or other location.  

Additionally, some teams in the past have organized outings to local college (Merrimack, UMass Lowell, BC, etc.), minor league or even Bruins games where the kids may have an opportunity to get on the ice either during player introductions or intermission.  

3. Coaches Gifts

In the past Team Managers usually collect for an end of season coaches' gift. 

Thank you again for volunteering your time! Your efforts make PYH a better experience for everyone -

parents, coaches, and kids

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