Alternate Policy

The use of Alternate Players for travel teams will be evaluated by the PYH Board of Directors on an

annual basis. PYH is under no obligation to authorize alternate player placements on any team in

any season, and the placement of a player as an alternate should not be construed as guaranteeing

a similar placement for any other season.

1. Requests for alternate player status must be emailed by a parent or guardian to after team selection and are subject to BOD approval.

2. Alternate players must provide proof of being registered on a select, or club hockey team.

3. Alternate players must have played travel PYH in 1 of the past 3 previous seasons

4. Players who request alternate status must have tried out during the annual Spring placement

tryout to be eligible for participation as an alternate for the following winter season, unless

otherwise approved by the BOD.

5. Alternate status does not need to be declared before or at tryouts. Players can request

alternate status post team placement on the team which they are assigned.

6. The number of alternate slots available is determined by roster size (skaters):

a. 16 skaters = 3 alternate slots

b. 15 skaters = 2 alternate slots

c. 14 skaters = 1 alternate slot

7. Alternate players will commit to paying 60% of the Team’s prescribed dues for the season which

shall be non-refundable and will follow the same terms and conditions of full-

time players, including all required registrations and disciplinary policies.

8. Alternate players will be eligible to attend all the team’s scheduled practices and invited to

participate in regular season games up to 60% allowance.

9. Strict adherence to the maximum 60% game participation limit for alternates must be enforced.

It is the coach's responsibility to make sure that limit is not exceeded.

10. The Head coach will inform the program coordinator when the alternate(s) will be attending

each game

11. Alternate players are permitted to play in all tournaments and playoffs if eligible under

tournament and league by-laws.

12. Alternate players can be used as call-ups however games played will be calculated against their

60% allowance

13. Alternate players that move to full-time status (play more than 60% of games) will be billed for

the applicable season’s annual program cost.

14. Family discounts will not apply to alternate player tuition

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