Parkway Youth Hockey is an organization that maintains and runs a hockey program open to and inclusive of all interested youth of the Parkway area: i.e. West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Jamaica Plain.
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1. All prospective coaches must apply each season for a coaching position with PYH. The application process begins in the month of February or as otherwise determined appropriate and communicated by the Board of Directors. PYH’s Official Coaching Application is posted on PYH’s website at and must be submitted to PYH. Head coaching candidates may be interviewed by the board. All Head Coaches will be chosen by the Board of Directors


2. All coaches must be appropriately registered and certified according to USA and Massachusetts Hockey guidelines, and must be in good standing with PYH. See, and www.usahockeycom for further information.


2.1 Coaches shall register with USA Hockey and input their conformation number to their PYH profile prior to the first practice.


2.2 Coaches that are not level certified at the start of the season shall register for the appropriate Massachusetts Hockey Certification Course and notify the Coaching Committee of the date of said course.


2.3 PYH reimburses coaches who attend any required Massachusetts Hockey Coaching Certification Course. To obtain reimbursement, coaches must demonstrate that they have attended, and successfully completed, a required coaching course. Coaches shall submit their receipt or satisfactory proof of payment to the Treasurer within one calendar year of completing the said course to receive reimbursement.



3. All team head coaches recommend their assistant coaches to the Board of Directors of PYH for

Approval prior to the start of the season. The Board of Directors votes to approve each recommendation. No coach will be assigned to a

team without the approval of that head coach unless that coach is the only coach for that team. The

board has the right to recommend any coach for an assistant, but final choice is up to the head coach.

All teams shall have, at least, one assistant coach. If a team loses their last, or only, assistant coach, then

it shall be the responsibility of the head coach to select an assistant coach.


4. All coaches must satisfactorily complete a CORI-form and submit it to the Association. The form is available on the PYH website (


5. Any coach may be removed from a team if they violate the rules or policies of PYH, Mass Hockey, USA Hockey, or any of the governing leagues that PYH is

affiliated with. No removal will take place without a Disciplinary Committee hearing. Any coach who wishes to voluntarily resign after appointment to a team must notify the President of PYH and provide at least fifteen (15) days notice of their resignation.


6. It is recommended that coaches have a player and parent meeting before each season to set up team rules and expectations. This will help settle issues that arise during the season. The Coaching Committee and level coordinator are available to help with and recommend different rules and regulations for each team as well as be present at the preseason or early season meeting.


7. Coaches should regularly check in with the Coaching Committee to update them on anything they should be aware of as well as team progress.


8. Coaches are expected to participate in the following, failure to do so may result in removal or being barred from coaching in the future.


  1. Be familiar with and to adhere to the rules of USA Hockey, MA Hockey and the respective league in which their team is participating in.

  2. Ensure players on their roster are properly registered with USA Hockey and Parkway Youth Hockey.

  3. Attend meetings as may be required by the Board of Directors

  4. Notify the Board of Directors of any disciplinary matters, etc.

  5. Participate in all fundraising activities as requested by the Board of Directors.


9. USA Hockey has established a set of skill progressions that each player should have as they leave a level and head to the next level of hockey. The coaches and Coaching Committee will work

together to help ensure that the player development at each level is met over the course of the season.