Parkway Youth Hockey is an organization that maintains and runs a hockey program open to and inclusive of all interested youth of the Parkway area: i.e. West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Jamaica Plain.
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Parkway Youth Hockey would like to offer a brief explanation concerning the PYH Midget teams.  There are two categories of Midget teams:

-- ½ Season teams that play in the Valley Hockey League.  This team plays early September - late November.
-- Full Season team that plays in the Valley Hockey League; this team starts playing in the month of December.

The ½ Season VHL Midget Travel teams usually consists of two teams with rosters of up to 18 players.  The travel teams generally play a ½ season from late August/early September to the end of November.  At the conclusion of the VHL season in November, the ½ Season Midget season is over and many of these players will then move on to play for their respective high school teams.  Games are played at rinks throughout the VHL.  Tryouts are required for these teams.

The Full Season VHL Midget team generally consists of players that wish to play from December - March and will likely not be skating for their high school teams. Games are played at traditional VHL venues.  There is no tryout for this team.